Childrens Dentistry in Toronto


We offer a number of childrens dentistry solutions in Toronto.

A child’s first dental visit should be around their 2nd birthday. You can help make your child’s appointment an upbeat event by explaining to the child that fun things will happen at the dentist office, encourage the child to ask questions and reassure the child that the dentist and the staff are very friendly.

When Should Your Child Start Seeing a Dentist?

We recommend that children come in for their first visit between 2-3 years of age. We often find that a “show and tell” visit is ideal for kids to have a positive dental health experience free of anxiety and dental fear. At this appointment they get to watch their parents have their teeth cleaned, sit at the chair and perhaps undergo a visual examination if they feel comfortable.

Preventative fluorides and dental sealants can help your children remain cavity free. However, proper oral hygiene along with diet and nutrition, play an equally important role in oral health. At Blatt Family Dentistry, we teach and involve your children so that they can grow cavity-free and keep their teeth cavity-free for a lifetime.

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